The Better Schools Project has one very simple aim:

“To empower schools to deliver best value”


The landscape for any market changes over time. The impact of competitive forces, government regulation, technological advances, disruptive start-ups, and savvier consumers means that whatever it is you are buying today, the options in a year, a month or even a week will be different. It’s a lot to stay on top of, and it can be difficult to make meaningful comparisons. We have a team of analysts providing research on every industry to ensure we know the market trends.

Each sector has a number of companies, all of whom purport to offer a similar product or service. Often when you scratch beneath the surface there are a plethora of differences - different service agreements, different levels of customer care, different products or different contract transparency, etc. We engage with the companies in the market, taking a thorough look at what they offer, where they represent great value and where they have flaws.

About the Better Schools Project

We specialise in procuring the best services for schools in the UK. With a database of pre-vetted suppliers we are perfectly placed to source the best service providers for a range of needs, from catering to IT infrastructure. View More

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